Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Blog World....It's me Kristi!

Well, here I go!  
I think I have started down a road that I am not too
sure I want to travel!
I have been reading and looking at others' blogs
(in total awe at the awesomeness of all these crafty,
 organized, cooking and baking,
for a while now and can't believe I am forging into this territory!
What am I thinking?? :)
Well....I too, like to copy others crafty ideas craft....
and, once upon a time I was organized,
(before kids and life).
I DO know how to cook....
I just don't like to!
(I mean really, cooking is not is a chore!)
Baking is not too fun either....
except you get to eat your YUMMY creations!!
And as far as do-it-yourself goes,
I like to think that I can do things for myself.
that's not the kind of DIY we are talking about, is it?  hehe
No, but really,
I just want a place to be able jot down my thoughts,
a place to share our lives with family who live out of town and 
a place to keep a record of our daily to-do's.

So, hopefully you will join us for what we hope will be an amazing journey!
(So far it has been Wonderful!!)

See you Down Berrett Lane,

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