Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Hints..,Tips...and Tricks Thursday}

I'm starting a new series here at Down Berrett Lane called,
{Hints...Tips...and Tricks Thurdays}
This is where I will enlighten you (lol) with helpful tips to make
your day run a little smoother. 
 Hints that have worked for me and my home.
Tricks that are tried-and-true. 
 Anything to help you save time, energy, and money. 
{And can't we all use a little more of each!} :)
Today's trick is a good one. 
Who hates grabbing a bag of chips out of the pantry only to realize that they are stale?
Do you want to know how to turn those old, stale chips into yummy, crisp, fresh ones?
This is super EASY!
{Get the stale culprits from the pantry}
{Pour them onto a paper towel}
{Microwave for 20 seconds}
Let them cool before you dive in!
{And, wah lah...they are done}
And there you have it!  Nice, fresh-tasting, crispy chips!
(this works on any potato, or tortilla chips)
What tip or trick do you use around your house? 

I hope to see you Down Berrett Lane!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

cRaZY time of year!

Well, it has been hectic around the Berrett home!
Thanksgiving gave us a week off school....
which was awesome!
Along with the extra time,
 came extra stuff to do.
Some of it, NOT. very. fun!

For instance, I finally finished unpacking from our
move in July.  Yes,....really!
Can you call it unpacking if you just relocated it to the basement?
I'm going to say that you can!
Permission Granted

I also painted the main bathroom and formal dining room!
(totally fun, but a lot of work)

A trip to the dentist,
 only to realize that he(Kayden) has already met his deductible for the year
 and had to reschedule until January.
...I could have slept in!!!! Just saying!
And of course, the usual cleaning and picking up,
 cooking, and running kids here and there.
However, I did manage to throw in some fun!
We celebrated a friends birthday with a fun night of WhirlyBall and dinner!
If you have never played WhirlyBall, I suggest you go. Quickly!!
Picture of cute hubs (probably scoring a point....)
Please excuse the really bad phone pic
Of course, dinner with the Georgia family for Thanksgiving!
We went to Helen to spend the day with my brother and his wife
for some yummy (and very filling) feasting of turkey,
whipped-to-perfection potatoes,
deliciously sweet, sweet potatoes
 and all the other normal stuff! 
Needless to say, it was delish!
(I probably ate more than I should have
but who cares?)   Not me!
For the first time in over 12 years, I did NOT venture out on
Black Friday!  Seriously!
I didn't want to. Period.
With that said....I haven't bought one single Christmas item.
Not one!
So, I probably should have taken advantage of the BIG day.
I just couldn't talk myself into going.
I did however, save some energy to go to IKEA!
(The most magical place on this earth)
Where I may or may not have bought some stuff for around the house.
and, if I did, you can just call it my early Christmas present to myself! hehe

Stay tuned to see some projects that I started as well.
I got the inspiration from Pinterest (of course) and 
I'm so excited to get them completed so I can post about them.
Click here and here to see what has inspired me!

I did find the time for a few naps, of course! :)
Since that was my one and only goal for the entire week.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and was able to spend the time with the ones you love.

See you Down Berrett Lane,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Blog World....It's me Kristi!

Well, here I go!  
I think I have started down a road that I am not too
sure I want to travel!
I have been reading and looking at others' blogs
(in total awe at the awesomeness of all these crafty,
 organized, cooking and baking,
for a while now and can't believe I am forging into this territory!
What am I thinking?? :)
Well....I too, like to copy others crafty ideas craft....
and, once upon a time I was organized,
(before kids and life).
I DO know how to cook....
I just don't like to!
(I mean really, cooking is not is a chore!)
Baking is not too fun either....
except you get to eat your YUMMY creations!!
And as far as do-it-yourself goes,
I like to think that I can do things for myself.
that's not the kind of DIY we are talking about, is it?  hehe
No, but really,
I just want a place to be able jot down my thoughts,
a place to share our lives with family who live out of town and 
a place to keep a record of our daily to-do's.

So, hopefully you will join us for what we hope will be an amazing journey!
(So far it has been Wonderful!!)

See you Down Berrett Lane,