Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Hints..,Tips...and Tricks Thursday}

I'm starting a new series here at Down Berrett Lane called,
{Hints...Tips...and Tricks Thurdays}
This is where I will enlighten you (lol) with helpful tips to make
your day run a little smoother. 
 Hints that have worked for me and my home.
Tricks that are tried-and-true. 
 Anything to help you save time, energy, and money. 
{And can't we all use a little more of each!} :)
Today's trick is a good one. 
Who hates grabbing a bag of chips out of the pantry only to realize that they are stale?
Do you want to know how to turn those old, stale chips into yummy, crisp, fresh ones?
This is super EASY!
{Get the stale culprits from the pantry}
{Pour them onto a paper towel}
{Microwave for 20 seconds}
Let them cool before you dive in!
{And, wah lah...they are done}
And there you have it!  Nice, fresh-tasting, crispy chips!
(this works on any potato, or tortilla chips)
What tip or trick do you use around your house? 

I hope to see you Down Berrett Lane!

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